Casey Key

Know About The History of Casey Key And People Who Live In It

Case Key, Florida is a beautiful island that is known to have a famous lifestyle, wonderful beaches, natural landscapes, and beautiful and elegant homes. No one would imagine that it would change to this since it was a wild region in the 1840’s and the history is very intriguing hence one wouldn’t think anything good would ever come out of it.

It is seen as an incredible paradise with magnificent waterfront estates old beach cottages of which many have been razed to pave way for new single family homes enclosed behind enormous walls with beautifully designed wrought iron gates. Casey Key, Florida is one of the most popular barrier islands and one of the most sought after pieces of the Florida real estate.

In the mid-1800s, the US government sent a graduate of West Poet, John Charles Casey to survey the area and he was also assigned the task of assisting in the removal of the Seminole Indian from the area of the sea theme.

On the 1849 map, the Key was called the Chaise’s Key and the name John Casey was also there marking the areas where he was surveying but when Casey’s camp was published in 1856, the name had already changed to Casey’s Key. It was a mistake and several attempts have been made to have the name changed to Chaise’s Key, so in 1920’s during the real estate boom, the name changed to Treasure Island so as to spur land sales. However, each time there was an attempt to change the name; the residents changed it back to Casey Key so till today the name remains.


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